Club Rules

  • Please make sure all jewellery is removed before sessions begin, earrings that cannot yet be removed must be covered with tape or plasters

  • Ensure your child has a drink with them for every session, as we take regular breaks throughout

  • Comfortable sportswear/leotards are recommended, such as a t-shirt and shorts/leggings, no socks are preferred however we accept socks with grips on the bottom

  • We ask that spectators keep distractions to a minimum to ensure safety during class, we have a maximum of 12 chairs available for spectators. If all of the chairs are taken and you would like to spectate, please ensure you make your way up to the balcony via the stairs outside the hall. This is to alleviate crowding and distractions during the lessons. Please limit the amount of spectators your child has to make it fair for other participants.

  • No filming is permitted by any spectators during sessions, should you wish to film/photograph your child, please let a coach know and we can arrange this when the session finishes


At Ignite Gymnastics, we have two coaches at every after school session, the number of children in each class require both coaches to stay in the hall at all times. This means we are unable to escort your child to the toilet. We encourage them to use the disabled toilet which is just outside the hall if it is available, however if it is not vacant, they will need to go further down the corridor to get to the ladies/mens toilets, we do watch them from the hall doors to make sure they get to the toilets safely, whilst still supervising the other participants in class, however if you are not comfortable with us allowing your child to attend the toilet at the end of the corridor by themselves, you MUST stay in the building while their class is running, so you can take them to the toilet if needed. We try to avoid disallowing children to go to the toilet if they ask. This is to prevent damage to equipment and matting by minimising the occurrence of accidents. Please help us by ensuring your child has been to the toilet before attending their class.